A Results Summary sheet will be posted straight after the A Heat of each Race. 
Please note that all results by either Twitter or PDF will be as they happen, but may be subject to change depending on protests etc.

1_Seeding Race – 1_SeedingRace
2_Race – 2_Race1
3- Race 3_Race3
4- Race 4_Race4
5-Race 5_Race5
6-Race 6_Race6
7-Race 7_Race7
8-Race 8_Race8
9-Race 9_Race9
10-Race 10_Race10 
11-Race 11_Race11
12-Race 12_Race12 
13-Race 13_Race13v2
14_Race 14_Race14
15-Race 15_Race15
16-Race 16_Race16 
17-Race 17_Race17 
18-Race 18_Race18 
19-Race 19_Race19 
20-Race 20_Race20 
21-Race 21_Race21
22-Race 22_Race22 
23-Race 23_Race23 
24-Race 24_Race24 
25-Race 25_Race25 

Scoring abbreviations.
DNC – Did not start; did not come to the starting area.
DNS – Did not start (other than DNC and OCS).
OCS – Did not start; on the course side of the starting line at her starting signal and failed to start, or broke rule 30.1.
ZFP – 20% penalty under rule 30.2.
BFD – Disqualification under rule 30.3.
SCP – Took a Scoring Penalty under rule 44.3(a).
DNF – Did not finish.
RAF – Retired after finishing.
DSQ – Disqualification.
DNE – Disqualification (other than DGM) not excludable under rule 90.3(b).
DGM – Disqualification for gross misconduct not excludable under rule 90.3(b).
RDG – Redress given.